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The All 4 Oral Health Blog is the combined effort of the Oral Health Nursing and Education Practice (OHNEP) and Teaching Oral-Systemic Health (TOSH) programs. Collectively, these programs aim to build interprofessional oral health competencies among future primary care providers in order to develop a primary care workforce that is collaborative practice-ready for providing quality, patient-centered oral health care.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to our Blog!

  1. Can nursing be reimbursed for a assessing risk of caries and periodontal disease and prescribing appropriate therapies to reverse early oral disease? Now that the ICCMS (ICDAS) evidenced based review on caries has come out as of December 14, 2014, why can’t nurses now incorporate these techniques to reverse early disease and maintain or improve risk status for caries? This is likely to improve population based oral health for children more than any other strategy that I know.


    1. Thank you for the information! Could you please share with us the review article you mentioned? We will be sure to look into the ICCMS/ICDAS tool.


  2. Hello,
    I met Erin Hartnett at the ENRS where I was presenting my poster on Animal Assisted Therapy for Anxiety Reduction. I was hoping someone participating in the blog will have some info to share on team models for sedation dentistry for the intellectually disabled adult patient.

    Currently I provide anesthesia for this population working with a dentist and dental hygienist. We are looking for other practice models and support for best practices in this specialty.

    Thanks so much!!!
    Dr. Caren Cajares, DNP, CRNA


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